Cowan Development Co

Commercial Rentals:

Cowan, Tennessee is a great place to start a new business!

We're strategically located in the eastern half of Franklin County – a scenic area with a growing population and a growing need for a healthy and sustainable commerce.

As we grow and develop, Cowan is going the extra mile to retain the small-town charm and character that makes our community attractive in the first place.

Cowan Development Company has several commercial buildings available right in the
heart of downtown Cowan.

Available Properties:

Bring us your business plan and we'll help you find a suitable business location.

Business Plan Requirements:

  1. Description of business in detail;
  2. Type of entity (proprietary, corporation, partnership, LLC, etc.) and a list of owners with percentages;
  3. Description of how business will be capitalized;
  4. List of banking relationships;
  5. Budget for first year of business operation and a month-by-month pro-forma;
  6. A five year annual budget projection;
  7. Personal Financial Statement for each owner;
  8. Willingness to sign a triple-net building lease for a minimum of five years.

Example (not exhaustive!) List of Businesses We're Looking For in Cowan:

  • Liquor Store
  • Dollar Store
  • Restaurant
  • Insurance Company
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Title and Escrow Company
  • Mortgage Firm
  • Travel Agency
  • Telephone Call Center
  • Consulting Firm
  • Manufacturing Outfit
  • Various retail operations
  • Warehousing/Storage
  • Equipment Rental Business
  • Professional Catering Service