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Available Rental Houses/Apartments in Cowan

Cowan Development Co.
is now accepting applications for future vacancies
There is no fee to submit an application.

One Rental Application good for all vacancies
Print, fill out applicaion and sign.

NEW: Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Rentals:

Cowan Development Company's residential portfolio helps us contribute to Cowan's population growth while making our neighborhoods a better place to live. 

That said, we seek prospective renters who have sound credit, stable work record (for at least one year), no criminal history, and value for the small town way-of-life.

Cowan Development carefully screens all applicants and provides a Tennessee-compliant contract with a zero-tolerance crime-free and drug-free policy.  The first step is to fill-out and submit an application. We will verify your employment, and begin the backgound check, credit check, and references. 

Upon getting approval, a security deposit (equal to monthly rent plus $100) is required in addition to the first month’s rent. 

A Tennessee-compliant housing contract will be presented to you plus a contract to uphold Cowan Development’s zero-tolerance policy for illegal drug use and distribution.

Besides a security deposit, housing contracts require a membership, deposit, and/or meter fees with local utility providers.  Housing units that do not have rural mail delivery also require a post office box.  Utilities must be transferred into your name before any keys are given out.

Please note: We do NOT accept credit cards or any form of online payments.
Our phone does NOT accept text messages.

To inquire about our availability and/or policies, please call the office at
(931) 967-1560. If no answer, please leave a message and we will get back to you.

For further information:

Cowan Development Company
110 Tennessee Avenue South
PO Box 599
Cowan, TN  37318
Phone:  931-967-1560
Fax: 931-392-4223